When your high value product requires extra care and attention during transport, we have the experience, specialized equipment, and customized processes in place to handle the move safely and successfully.
Full Visibility
  • Real-Time tracking provides continuous visibility including point-to-point scan history.
  • GPS units attached to all shipments in Freight Aware program.
  • 24/7 Ops team tracks shipment status every 60 minutes and records benchmarks in TrumpCard’s proprietary Electronic Shipment Journals.
  • Risk Avoidance Procedures
  • Air-Ride cushion suspension.
  • Direct routes (fewer tansfers, less handling, decreased risk of damages or delays).
  • TrumpCard’s proprietary Route Optimization Data System gives us unique data on all flights and linehaul trucks with delay and damage ratios over millions of samples, factoring in such variables as seasonality, volumes and many others.
  • Viper locks automatically secure and seal cargo upon closing of rear door.
  • E-Track straps secure tall/top heavy items.
  • Video surveillance at all terminals and load/unload sites.
  • TrumpCard’s proprietary Signature Service (ask your account representative for details on this program).
  • Digital photos at every benchmark while in transit (included in Signature Service).
  • Proactive Communication
  • Instant communication from TrumpCard operations team to client Point of Contact (POC) if risk of non-conformance or delay is possible to discuss current situation and strategize on best course of action, based on alternative options available and expected outcomes.
  • Additional High Value Services also include:
  • Exclusive Use Vehicles (EUV): For extremely urgent or sensitive shipments that need special treatment or cannot be loaded with other goods, we offer exclusive trucks of any size to meet your needs.
  • Crating & Packaging: Shipment integrity is critical. Our knowledgeable drivers will proactively add shrink/bubble wrap, banding, or additional sensitivity labels to ensure the safe delivery of your valuable goods.
  • Installs & Assembly: We have a team of expert technicians across the country trained in technical installations, assembly and other post/pre shipment requirements.
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    TrumpCard is a provider of premium logistics services specializing in the transportation of high-value and time-sensitive shipments across the healthcare, aerospace, entertainment, and electronics industries, among others. TrumpCard provides a full suite of specialized logistics services, including time-definite LTL (Deferred), airfreight, and other domestic and international expedited services, as well as an array of customized white-glove services.
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