November 13, 2017  
  TrumpCard Enters Austin, TX  
  Carlsbad, California, November 15, 2017 – TrumpCard, the Air Freight and Expedited Ground wing of Magnate Worldwide, continues to expand its geographic footprint as the mission-critical air and ground freight provider enters the Austin, Texas region.

With more locations, comes the placement of dedicated account representatives and trucks at each station. The Austin market will be seeing Ashley Whitehead, Account Representative – a dedicated and knowledgeable delegate from the area. Ashley will be a lifeline to client’s expedited freight needs, whether it be ‘Next Flight Out’, ‘2 Day’, or ‘Mission-Critical Ground’ service out of the Austin region.

In addition to feet on the ground, TrumpCard will be putting wheels in the region with a brand new 2018 Freightliner, Trump 51. Carlos Mero will be the pilot of the new truck, which will be the start of a private fleet dedicated to the Austin area – and a great addition to the 45 trucks picking up and delivering all around Texas.

The expansion continues a trend of consistent geographical growth at TrumpCard. After entering Cleveland, Dallas, and Salt Lake City just six months ago, TrumpCard is poised and well suited to continue entering markets across the United States. “Our team is excited to grow organically in strong manufacturing and economic hub areas like Austin. We now have people and trucks on the ground in 11 major markets, that’s just getting started… the sky is the limit,” said CEO of TrumpCard, Marco Hanlon of the expansion.

One of TrumpCard’s more established markets, San Francisco, is seeing its 5th truck in the company’s private fleet. “San Francisco has remained robust in all markets segments, and shows strong signs of continued growth throughout,” commented Chris Zingrebe, Vice President of Operations. At this pace, it’s only a matter of time until TrumpCard has representatives and trucks on the ground in an area near you.

About TrumpCard
Since 1995, Carlsbad, CA based TrumpCard has provided expedited air freight and ground solutions to customers around the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The company’s cornerstone is its exceptional customer service and proprietary technology that allow customers with high-value and sensitive freight to have dedicated teams watching shipments all over the continent. Find out more at

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  July 17, 2017  
  Vlad Fruman Appointed Director of Product Management  
  New York City, New York, July 17, 2017 -- The trend of hiring top talent continues as Masterpiece International, Ltd. brings another accomplished leader aboard its team.

Masterpiece International’s expansion has brought upon a number of new hires to facilitate the growth. The most recent addition, Vlad Fruman, Director of Product Management, will spearhead product development by streamlining vendor management and building better solutions for clients.

This new role will focus primarily on sourcing the best possible freight, regardless of mode of tranportation, for all of the company’s divisions. “We’re excited to welcome a new position dedicated to improving our product offering. Having an experienced professional, like [Fruman], in this position will help the company immensely in this time of growth,” said Bill Carroll, Vice President of Strategic Development.

Fruman’s many years of industry experience, managing all modes of transportation, will bolster the premier logistics provider’s offerings and create flexible new options for the company’s clients.

His hire comes at a strategic time for the newly rebranded International Logistics Solutions division. One of Masterpiece’s current initiatives is to continue to fuel growth. Certainly Fruman will complement this initiative, providing even more comprehensive options to the leader in premier logistics solutions.

Mr. Fruman will be based out of the Manhattan office and report directly to Thomas Gilgen, President of Masterpiece International.

“Product improvement and management will be a fundamental piece of Masterpiece’s growth. We’ll continue to explore new products to offer our customers the most advanced routes available. We are excited to welcome Mr. Fruman into this new role,” Mr. Gilgen stated.
  June 26, 2017  
  New Division Focus, New Hires Put Masterpiece on the Rise  
  OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A series of recent growth and substantial success has brought on new opportunities for premium high-end shipping group Masterpiece International, Ltd.

One of Masterpiece's current initiatives to manifest its growth is the rebranding of its existing general freight division, now calling it the International Logistics Solutions division. "This new name best reflects the division's expansive offerings and our collective focus on these services," said Thomas Gilgen, the new President of Masterpiece.

The growth strategy for the International Logistics Solutions division will be spurred by the addition of five impressive new hires. Three of these new hires will round out Masterpiece's existing Client Solutions team:

Sal Sorce, Vice President of Client Solutions. Leading the team is Sorce, whose goals include building a solid core of experienced salespeople, enhancing the existing sales team, and fostering the Masterpiece trademark of client-first excellence in service.
Neil Ehrlichman, Director of Client Solutions (East Coast). With proven success in driving multi-million dollar growth, Ehrlichman is looking to step in to identify new revenue opportunities and secure customer loyalty.
Craig Shapiro, Director of Client Solutions (West Coast). Masterpiece will benefit from Shapiro's extensive experience working with global multi-national corporations and passion for building client relationships.

While these three positions will boost the offerings and expertise of the ILS division's Client Solutions team, there are also two new branch manager hires, directly reporting to Thomas Gilgen:

Andrew Kirkwood, Chicago Branch Manager. With 23 years of industry experience, Kirkwood is looking forward to increasing Midwest operations, solidifying Chicago as a flagship location.
Wolfgang Meder, Los Angeles Branch Manager. The division's growth initiatives will be enhanced by Meder's 20+ years of experience and success in managing and transforming offices.

With new hires and focus, there is no denying Masterpiece's forward momentum. "It's an exciting time for the entire company," said Gilgen. "When you have the right structure and the right people, a company's growth is unstoppable."
  May 22, 2017  
  Thomas Gilgen Takes New Position as President of Masterpiece International, Ltd.  
  OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., May 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Magnate Worldwide (MWW), a premium asset-light logistics company, is excited to announce Thomas Gilgen as President of newly-acquired Masterpiece International, Ltd.

Gilgen's experience in logistics management spans over 20 years at companies like Weiss-Rohlig USA, Coca-Cola Switzerland, and Panalpina. Gilgen most recently was President of MWW, and the move will take him from Chicago to Masterpiece's headquarters in New York.

Thomas Gilgen, President of Masterpiece International, Ltd.

Known globally for its high-end shipping services, Masterpiece consists of a fine arts division and freight services division. "Our goal is to make Masterpiece's international logistics services best-in-class," said Dan Para, CEO of MWW. "I feel comfortable and confident that we'll see significant growth in this area under Thomas Gilgen's leadership."

As part of Gilgen's impressive goals for Masterpiece's international logistics services, there will be much focus placed on the overall growth of its 15 different branches. "We're really going to invest in building the sales and management teams," said Gilgen. "By setting them up for success, the end result will be an elevated division of international logistics services." Additionally, Masterpiece's fine arts services will benefit from the internal promotion of John O'Halloran to President of its division.

As Gilgen prepares for his new position, he reflects that this isn't his first time in a role like this. "Throughout my years in this industry, I think one of the best experiences I can apply is my approach to restructuring for success," noted Gilgen. "This is an exciting opportunity for me to work with Masterpiece and continue a professional passion that drives me: building up."
  May 15, 2017  
  Somerset Marine Becomes a Masterpiece  
  OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of the rapid growth in Magnate Worldwide's portfolio of companies, international freight shipping group Somerset Marine Lines (SML) is to become a branch of newly-acquired Masterpiece International, Ltd.

"This is really the coming together of two fantastic companies," said Thomas Gilgen, President of parent company Magnate Worldwide. Masterpiece is recognized across the globe for its high-end shipping services and is made up of two divisions—fine arts and freight services. "Somerset will come in as part of the freight services division, and will greatly benefit from Masterpiece's vendor relationships, organization size, and nationwide footprint. Together, both groups will have access to every major port and U.S. airport."

Somerset Marine Lines office in Cranford, NJ.

Both Masterpiece and Somerset were purchased within the past two years by Magnate Worldwide, who immediately saw the unique opportunity to connect these two groups. "My goal for Somerset was always to be a part of a greater organization," said Abed Medawar, President of SML. "Ultimately, it's about bringing the best services to our customers."

Masterpiece is Magnate Worldwide's most recent addition, but is already climbing to new heights with Somerset on board as its New Jersey branch. "New offices mean new growth," said Gilgen. "We're combining powers to create a logistics work of art."
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