Avoid roadblocks and interruptions to your supply chain with TrumpCard’s customizable logistics solutions.

When it comes to navigating the complexities of just-in-time logistics, build sequences, integrations with multiple suppliers and charter avoidance techniques, our extensive background in the Automotive industry makes us a partner you can trust. We understand the unique set of challenges our customers face, from sourcing parts to shipping heavy machinery and distributing finished products. To prevent costly interruptions in production, we also understand the importance of delivering on time, every time.

To ensure the secure and timely delivery of your goods, TrumpCard has developed a proprietary technology which serves as the cornerstone of our standard of excellence. We offer a variety of expedited and value-added services, designed to meet your exact specifications and provide you with the flexibility you need to manage your assembly line and mission-critical orders. Whether it’s late-night pickups, early morning deliveries, or weekend project management, we work around the clock to keep your engines running.
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